Pop Vocal Project

“It lingers into absolutely every part of the school curriculum”

Pop Vocal Project

“The practitioners knew exactly how to get the best out of the children”

Pop Vocal Project

“We are over the moon with the sessions. The staff and children are enjoying them and the tutors are fabulous!”

Unashamedly physical and fun, Pop Vocal Project uses a blend of games and vocal exercises, with current pop songs, to develop solo, duet, unison and most importantly a love of singing, to achieve the highest levels of engagement, especially from the boys!

What to expect

An energetic warm up that prepares children for a fun vocal workout.

A popular Rock, or Pop song will be learned, with an emphasis on pronouncing and articulating lyrics that reflects the genre/style.

Confident performance is encouraged and key phrases are punctuating with physical movement/gestures.

Delivering the National Curriculum




  • “Be taught to sing with increasing confidence and control”.
  • Delivering sessions that “engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music” whilst building “their talent as musicians” and helping them develop “an understanding of musical structures”.
  • “Perform in solo and ensemble contexts”.
  • Providing all pupils with the opportunity to “learn to sing and use their voices” and “reproduce sounds from aural memory”.
  • To “understand how music is created, produced and communicated”.
  • “Listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory” .


 What Teachers Say

‘We are thrilled with the sessions. Both the staff and children are enjoying them.’

Northwood Primary

‘It’s a great musical experience for the children and the staff and it’s just a fantastic opportunity. Brilliant!’

West Cornforth Primary

‘We are over the moon with the sessions. The children are really enjoying what they are doing.’

Esh Winning Primary

‘They knew exactly how to get the best out of the children.’

Bullion Lane Primary

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