Junk Rock

“It was absolutely brilliant! The children were working in rounds and picking up rhythms quickly and easily”

Junk Rock

The children responded so well to the tutor leading the session and had lots of fun

Junk Rock

The children were showing their understanding and performing so well

Junk Rock harnesses pupil’s energy using instruments made from reclaimed materials to produce original and exciting performance as well as exploring rhythms and music notation. Learning elements of music has never been so creative!

 What to expect

Junk Rock is our newest project.

The variation of compositions is limitless and the unusual sound combinations makes for exciting and captivating performance pieces.

The originality of the creative performances however, underlies the much more serious aim of helping children learn and understand the elements of music and to fully explore rhythm, pitch and notation.

Delivering the National Curriculum




  • Providing all pupils with the opportunity to “learn to sing and use their voices” and “reproduce sounds from aural memory”.
  • Developing sessions that “engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music” whilst building “their talent as musicians” and helping them develop “an understanding of musical structures”.
  • Increasing pupil “confidence and control” and enabling them to “appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music”.
  • “Improvise and compose using the inter-related dimensions of music”.


 Testimonials Video

‘It’s absolutely brilliant. The children were working in rounds and picking up rhythms quickly and easily’

Thorntree Primary

‘The practitioners are committed to what they are doing. The whole session is geared towards what the children want to do, so they are thoroughly engaged’

Red Hall Primary

‘They were engaged and enthusiastic. They were motivated and really wanted to participate ‘

Ousten Primary

‘They knew exactly how to get the best out of the children.’

Bullion Lane Primary

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